Toimimme oman suunnittelu- ja tuotanto-osastomme sekä asiakkaiden tarjoamien mallien pohjalta ja erikoistumme ”tilaustöihin”. Pidämme huolta innovatiivisuudesta, panostamme jatkuvasti tiimimme ammattitaidon kehittämiseen ja kaluston laajentamiseen. Pyrimme olemaan ajan tasalla ottamalla käyttöön uusia teknologioita ja luomalla niiden avulla uusia tuotantolinjoja.

Tarjoamme asiakkaillemme pääsyn moniin jalostustekniikoihin, joiden ansiosta pystymme kokonaisvaltaisesti luomaan lopputuotteen.

Tuotantoprosessiin käytetään seuraavia menetelmiä ja välineitä:

  • Thermoforming - (4 thermoforming machines format: 0.7 x 1.0 x h-0.4 m-two-post; 1 x 1.2 x h-0.8m ; 1 x 2 xh- 0.8m 2 x 2x h-1.1m )
  • Line benders for plastics - 4 machines (27 rm of bending line! Up to 6 bends at the same time!)
  • CNC milling plotters 4 pcs. size of workpiece 1520 x 2440 mm
  • Formatting saw - 3050 x 2050 mm,
  • Planer, milling machines and others
  • Laser Co2 - Format 1200 x 900
    • 3 solvent plotters from Roland (print width 1615 mm)
    • Foil cutting plotter
    • 2 laminators
    • We also manufacture shop furniture and islands made from wood and MDF.
  • We install LED lighting and LCD screens.

The final stage is:

  • Packaging and labeling - we pack goods in accordance with the customer's instructions, we print instructions of installation, unpacking, barcodes, we customize.

We provide our customers with a wide range of services which constitute a complementary offer to production:

  • Logistics and transport - we offer storage, distribution, national and international transport! We know how it’s done!!! We ship nearly 3000 Euro pallets of advertising products annually.
  • Recycling - (waste management) - we conduct a responsible policy in the field of environmental protection. We manufacture in compliance with Environmental Decision no. OS-6/2016. 100% of production waste is recycled.

The whole production process is covered by third party liability insurance!! (product insurance in force in Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and the EU). Third party liability insurance also covers our employees, subcontractors and guests of our company.

We invite you to read the document OWW – General terms and conditions of cooperation available in the following tab Cooperation.